Winter to Spring

Our Winter 2016 cohort has been a powerful one. We're digging into how change operates in our lives, and what habits do and don't support our goals. So many common themes have emerged: scheduling our time ironically helps us to feel free. Morning routines are tough. We rarely give ourselves permission to cultivate creative habits. But discussing these challenges as a group highlighted opportunities for each Salon-goer to be kinder, more structured and more focused for herself.

Some resources we surfaced during our January and February Salon Gatherings:

  • Apps like TimeTracker, Google Calendars, Headspace, etc.
  • Temptation bundling - combining an indulgent practice with one that requires willpower
  • "Productive procrastination," when distractions from work can allow you to accomplish personal tasks
  • Books including The Power of Habit and Willpower, which help us feel "normal" in our challenges

We look forward to closing out our Change & Habits season on March 28, though we'll continue thinking about the best ways to craft our day for a long time to come.