Spring is here!

It's been sunny. The entire city of Seattle is in bloom. Now we're getting a warm, refreshing rain shower. Could life be any better? Well, maybe if you hadn't agreed to take on that extra project for your coworker...or if your sister-in-law weren't staying over with all four of her kids, despite your secret hope that they get a hotel room...or if your friend weren't calling you constantly to complain about her romantic sagas. You, my friend, are in need of some boundaries! Well, we all are, really.

In our Spring Salon Gatherings, we're tackling boundaries: what they evoke for us, how they function/dysfunction in our lives, and how they could be used to empower us at work and beyond. We look forward to a juicy discussion of the role boundaries play in each of our lives, and likely brainstorming some ways to set and stick with new boundaries in an authentic, loving way.

Bring on the rain/sun/rainbows!